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Reviews reveal many insight data about a hotel property: where facilities need renovation, where beds are old, where rooms are outdated or housekeeping needs help. Use this data to identify and get in touch with qualified leads to boost your business.

Direct and full access to all data of all top hotels worldwide in our hotel database. Always up to date, checked and researched existing hotel supply and reviews data.

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Daily updated and trusted sources

Get in contact with senior decision makers in the hotel industry in any country or continent

Hotel database worldwide for customer acquisitions, market statistics and e-mail marketing.

Postal Address 100%
Contact Data 95%
LinkedIn Prospector 98%
Review Score OTAs 95%
Star Rating 63%
Independent Hotels 83%
Chain & Brand Hotels 17%
Facilities & Amenities 100%
Geo-Coordinates 100%
OTAs Matches and GDS Codes 100%

What you get

24/7 Online Access
Stay on top of the hotel supply with us. You get 24/7 online access to our comprehensive and up to date database of all top hotels of the world.
Customer Support
We are always there reaching out for support, answering questions, finding solutions and accompanying you step by step to reach your goals and success.
Training Sessions
We have developed the tool to be easy to handle. With our training materials you will master the use of the database and its many useful functions and features.
Note Function
You will be able mark and save any hotel to your favorite list. Makes it easy to protocol all your communications with your customer hotels.
Data Export
You can as well handle data offline if needed. Simply enjoy the data export possibility and export the detail view of any hotel of your selection.
Export Format
Most common export format for your convenience. The Advanced license allows the export in CSV format. The Professional license allows unlimited export in CSV.
You can easily pinpoint what you are looking for, saving hours of valuable time. Our map tool helps explore the exact locations of all hotels selected live on the map.
LinkedIn Prospector
With our LinkedIn connection, you will be able to target strategically ahead key decision makers in the hotel industry, as well as planning many kinds of LinkedIn campaigns.
Free Updates
With our data service, you will stay informed with any data updates and new upcoming hotels for free. It's high time for your firm to plan strategic decisions for the future.
Selection & Filter
You can easily filter or select your target groups within the database based on countries, regions, star ratings, number of rooms, postal codes, and many other features.
Target Group statistics
Everything at a glance. As professional user, you will be able to see daily the most asked statistics of the hotel industry as well as of your target group based on accumulated data.
GDS & OTAs Matches
Specially made for our tourism customers. The Tourism package will get you access to all different available GDS codes and matched IDs of the biggest OTAs worldwide.

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No matter what products or services you offer, hotels probably belong to your clients target group. We deliver the top quality hotel database worldwide for your marketing campaigns, CRM or reservation system. With our global hotel database you can have the complete overview, data and analytics of the hotel industry anywhere in the world. Whether hotel data in USA in the west or China in the east. Whether hotel data in UK in Europe or Australia on the other side of the planet. All countries worldwide are available.

Stay on top of your hotel market in your country with our annual database subscription with automatic renewal service. With 1 year subscription and via your user login codes you will be able with your team to access the database at any time of the day and acquire direct contact with your target group within the hotel industry in your country, whenever needed. Permanent and regular updates as well as new entries guarantee a continuous flow of up to date information during your 12-month subscription.


Hospitality Suppliers
Helping hotel suppliers identifying and contacting leads, prospects and potential sales based on verified reviews data.
Hospitality Software Providers
PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager providers rely on our hotel data and review analytics to make data driven decision.
Online Travel Agencies
Helping OTAs to improve and expand existing hotel database with accurate and verified hotel content.
Helping banks and real estate to analyze assets and locations of hotels by what travelers and guests think and how they rate.
Asset Management
Helping asset management firms to track the performance of hospitality businesses through verified reviews data.
Hotel Chains & Groups
Helping hotel chains and brands to measure their hotels performance as well as market competition on a global scale.

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