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To be able to act in a proper way in your market you need the right information, tools and most important: market statistics. With our meaningful hotel market statistics and studies we can help you to reflect on your own strategy within your target market.

Our statistics make sure your make the right decisions

How many hotels are there in the U.S.? How many 5 star rated hotels are there in Europe? How many hotels worldwide offer meeting facilities? How many luxury hotels are there in Asia? How many hotels belong to a chain group or a brand worldwide? Can I get in direct contact with any of the above mentioned group of hotels? All answers of those questions are available within our comprehensive hotel database.

Discover all relevant statistics and data on the hotel and lodging industry with us. Business today is data-driven. That’s why you should make data your friend. With unbeatable data quality, international data experts and AI technologies, we help you understand your market. Discover new sales opportunities and potentials and for that you need our reliable and trusted hotel market statistics.

Meaningful statistics require accurate, verified and trusted database. The huge spectrum of our comprehensive hotel database allows accurate and trusted statistics of all top hotels worldwide.

It's more than just providing data but also understanding your customers

Analytics and marketplace insights powered by data from all top hotels across 220 countries worldwide. The innovative way we process and manage data maximizes the value of your business via accurate data, real-time reports and statistics. Our data helps you make the right future decisions through insights into your market share.

Hotel database statistics

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No matter what products or services you offer, hotels probably belong to your clients target group. We deliver the top quality hotel database worldwide for your marketing campaigns, CRM or reservation system. With our global hotel database you can have the complete overview, data and analytics of the hotel industry anywhere in the world. Whether hotel data in USA in the west or China in the east. Whether hotel data in UK in Europe or Australia on the other side of the planet. All countries worldwide are available.

Stay on top of your hotel market in your country with our annual database subscription with automatic renewal service. With 1 year subscription and via your user login codes you will be able with your team to access the database at any time of the day and acquire direct contact with your target group within the hotel industry in your country, whenever needed. Permanent and regular updates as well as new entries guarantee a continuous flow of up to date information during your 12-month subscription.


What are the benefits of working with ALLTOPHOTELS?

  • The most up-to-date hotel data at the lowest price.
  • Perfectly matched to your target group.
  • Maximum ROI from your marketing budget.
  • 24/7 Online access to all data you need.
  • More than 10 years of experience in the hotel data management.

How can I increase my sales by using hotel data?

Hotels are like small cities. Imagine a city that needs every kind of supplies. As hotel supplier you have the door wide open to start approaching your target group directly and boost your sales now. Our profound experience and a network of strong connections will help to maximize professionally your success by sales and marketing strategies that really work.

How big is my potential in the hotel market?

With the free trail version, you will get access for 7 days to the platform and see all statistics related to your target group. Statistics per countries, regions and continents are available to help you know your market and define your exact target group, making sure you order your ideal audience within the hotel industry. And no worries if you have any questions. Our specialists are always there for you.

How good is our data quality?

Our editors team works professionally on daily basis managing regular updates and new entries guarantee a continuous flow of upcoming up to date information. Our hotel database is legally and ethically sourced and updated daily by annual screening by phone, trade associations, numerous local tourism agencies, internet (deep web and AI big data technologies) and numerous other global and local sources. To make it short: the quality and accuracy are outstanding. However, a hotel mailing list can never be 100% up-to-date. For example, a hotel contact that has been checked last week can have a new email address the next week. Therefore you need to take a small error rate into account.

Do I have to pay extra for data updates?

No, it’s included in your license that you have 24/7 free access to all data updates within your ordered selection.

Do I have to pay extra for new entries / hotels joining the database?

No, it’s included in your license that you have 24/7 free access to new hotel entries joining the database within your ordered selection.

Can I research the data myself?

Do you build truck if you need one? of course not. If you want to research the data yourself then you will have to accept much higher cost, caused by research, recording, correction, deduping and continuous updating. Why should you waste your time, doing a job, that is already professionally realized for you? Profit from our experience as professional specialists in global hotel data management and start making sales now.

Where do the data originate from?

Our data are based on publicly available information as provided by surveys, touristic information, the hotel properties or their cooperation partners in brochures, offline/online listings as well as online sources on the internet such as the homepage of the hotel.

What kind of technologies do we use?

International and global data management requires advanced know-how and can cost-efficiently only be managed by using cutting-edge technologies like ours. High qualified and professional AI implementation technologies make sure of professional data management.

When do I receive my login codes?

After verifying your data and your order details you will receive our invoice of your subscription. The invoice is due immediately on receipt. After identifying your prepayment on our account, you will receive the login codes within 4-7 working days.

How does the billing work?

For all our data packages, whether regional or country based, our invoices are due yearly in advanced. Our standard license is 1 year subscription. It starts at the day of purchase and ends exactly after 12-months.

Copyrights: What is allowed and what not?

Your license contract defines in detail how you may use the data. Any violation of the license or our general terms and conditions will be punished by a contract penalty. You are as well bound to the laws in your country. In case you are planning an international campaign, the laws of those countries your campaign targets are worth a look.

Other Question?

Contact us for free tailor-made advice. Call us on +49 (0) 2921 5993684 or send us a short mail to We are there and happy to answer your questions.

Why us?

Because we provide the exceptional service, we'd want to experience ourselves. Your success is our success. We help you make the right future decisions through insights into your market share.
Nowadays challenges are growing by the day in our market. So does also our team.
Nowadays challenges are growing by the day in our market. So does also our team. Developing, adapting, creating and growing with one goal: Happy Customers.
Our language is simple: always being there for our customers. This is what we understand.
Our language is simple: always being there for our customers. This is what we understand. Listening to their wishes. Realizing their goals. Supporting them.
Your success is our success. And our high quality data is the foundation.
Your success is our success. And high quality data is the foundation. With us, you will reach your correct audience and increase your sales successfully.


Hospitality Suppliers
Helping hotel suppliers identifying and contacting leads, prospects and potential sales based on verified reviews data.
Hospitality Software Providers
PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager providers rely on our hotel data and review analytics to make data driven decision.
Online Travel Agencies
Helping OTAs to improve and expand existing hotel database with accurate and verified hotel content.
Helping banks and real estate to analyze assets and locations of hotels by what travelers and guests think and how they rate.
Asset Management
Helping asset management firms to track the performance of hospitality businesses through verified reviews data.
Hotel Chains & Groups
Helping hotel chains and brands to measure their hotels performance as well as market competition on a global scale.

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