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Radisson aims to sign 400 new hotels in EMEA, Asia in 2022

Radisson Hotel Group, a global leader in hospitality, said it continued its ambitious growth and development plan with nearly 200 signings in 2021, while planning to add 400 new signed hotels in 2022 in EMEA and Asia. The Group said … Read More

8 Branches to expand your Sales in the Hotel Industry

The effects of the corona crisis on the hotel and tourism industry are becoming clearer and clearer. The Covid-19 pandemic calls for new requirements in hotels. How long they will be effective, whether they become temporary or at least the … Read More

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Why you should use the power of hotel reviews?

Nowadays there are countless online booking websites across the web, that display all kinds of hotel reviews based on feedback of verified guests. Have you ever thought about all valuable insights and information you could have access to, if you … Read More

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What is data-driven marketing?

Nowadays we hear about data-driven marketing almost everywhere. However, what does it really mean? The concept of data-driven marketing means marketing strategies based on qualified data such as data of potential customers, market statistics and market share, etc. Why you … Read More

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The European Hotel Market In The Lead

You doing great in your home country? so why not enter the European hotel industry? Think Big! Did you know that, Europe has the largest number of hotels worldwide? Indeed, up to 144.000+ hotels and 5+ million rooms. Italy is … Read More

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E-Mail Marketing? Yes, Absolutely!

E-Mail Marketing is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. It is one of the very popular methods of advertising among companies in a variety of industries – proven fact by many statistics and studies worldwide. … Read More

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