Why you should use the power of hotel reviews?

Why you should use the power of hotel reviews?

Nowadays there are countless online booking websites across the web, that display all kinds of hotel reviews based on feedback of verified guests. Have you ever thought about all valuable insights and information you could have access to, if you aggregate all these hotel reviews together? Exactly, valuable insights and insider information about each hotel’s performance.

Travelers and guests worldwide write everyday countless reviews about hotels across the web. Aggregated they speak thousands of valuable insights and insider information about each hotel. For example:

  • Where hotels need renovation
  • Where beds are old
  • Where rooms are outdated
  • Where gastronomy needs upgrade
  • Where wellness, sauna or pool need refurbishment
  • Where housekeeping needs help
  • And many many more…

We have done the hard job for you

We collect on daily basis hotel data, direct contacts, hotel performance data and analyse online hotel reviews of verified guests from all relevant online OTA platforms across the web for you to make data driven decisions.

If you offer bedding and mattress stuff, wouldn’t you want to know in real time, which hotels need your service or products? It’s finally possible. Based on hotel reviews of verified guests, you will know which hotels, where guests complained about beds, comfort or cleanliness, etc.

Another example
If your company is active in the construction industry and you would like to find hotels to offer your renovation prospects. Which data do you need? Exactly, feedback of verified reviews on hotels, where guests complained about the room condition, etc.

A marketing campaign based on data insights is more exact, relevant and powerful.

Use this valuable data to identify and get in touch with qualified hotel leads to boost your business. Make qualified marketing decisions based on high qualified insights and launch successful relevant marketing campaigns, instead of a mass approach.

And the best aspect: Every hotel takes the feedback of guests very seriously and acts accordingly. Which means your chances to seal the deal are bigger than ever before.

With our data you will be able to reach out to the complete market of hotels in your region and identify hot leads of the hotel industry. All data you need for the approach is available and most importantly is its exactness and accuracy. Many filters and selections to adapt your needs and to easily filter your exact target group.


Delivering data is a profession we love

Whatever your target group in the hotels industry is, our data experts can select it for you.
Contact us on +49 (0) 2921 5993684 or info@alltophotels.com. We are always here to answer your questions!

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