Looking for new warm leads? Roger that

Absolutely possible with us. Lead generation can in many cases be exhausting and time consuming but not anymore with us. We do the work for you. We have the expertise and the experience to launch your email marketing campaign for you. Selecting your ideal target group, preparing your message and pushing the button. All you need to do is sealing the deal.

And the best part? You only pay for qualified leads

Here’s how it works

Define your goal: We lean about your exact needs and wishes.
Your audience: We filter your ideal audience based on your products or services.
The message: We choose together the ideal message based on these insights.
E-Mail campaign: We build up your solid e-mail marketing campaign.
Leads Generation: Now we generate your warm leads and delivering all data available about them.
Sales $$$: Now your sales team is good to go. Start sealing deals from your warm leads.

Make use of our expertise and our leading hotel database. We provide only qualified and verified direct marketing data. And most important it’s fully compliant with data protection regulations. Let’s take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Price per warm lead

You only pay for qualified and warm lead. Before the launching of your campaign, we define the price per qualified lead. It’s based on the size of the hotel, star rating, the country, etc. Contact our lead generation experts to learn more.

Start generating warm and qualified leads now!

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